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Rigorous Curriculum

We seek students with a passion for finance and provide them with real-word opportunities to learn and prepare for a successful career path.

Through a mentor- protégé learning approach known among Hawaiians as “Ma Ka Hana Ka Ike” which translates to “from the doing comes the knowledge,” students complete a five-year program with specialized training in Investment Banking, Private Equity and Asset Management. They are taught all aspects of long and short equity asset management and are then given the chance to apply their newfound skills to assist in the operation of a real-world equity portfolio.


of Graduates work in Finance


Years of Learning

Your time at AKAMAI Finance Academy

There are two paths offered to students:

For high school seniors, students will complete a five-year program through AKAMAI Finance Academy. Students in college are also encouraged to apply and can complete a modified, streamlined program.

The program runs on a semester basis, following the regular Hawaii State school schedule, with training and classes being held on Sundays each weekend.

During summers, students participate in local, mainland, or international-based finance internships, and may also travel throughout Asia on a supervised field study.

Upon graduation from college and the AKAMAI Finance Academy, students are guaranteed to be placed with an asset management firm to begin their career.

your career

Gain new skills, knowledge, and experience outside of the classroom in various finance areas.

Take advantage of opportunities to network and gain real-world experience through local, mainland, and international-based internships.

Land successful careers at top finance companies upon graduation.


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