AKAMAI Capital

A wholly-owned subsidiary and investment arm of The AKAMAI Foundation.

What we do

AKAMAI Capital LLC was created exclusively to provide:

For student analysts:

We offer real-world experience and sector-specific knowledge. Participants analyze, value, and recommend publicly listed companies while managing a $10 million portfolio.

For the community:

AKAMAI Capital is also a student-led vehicle for specialty funds. Currently, we offer a real estate development and investment fund. Past initiatives have included offering investment capital for companies, gap funding for small and minority-owned businesses, and specialized financial technical assistance and training for entrepreneurs.

How does AKAMAI Capital add value?

Our main priority

We work together with students to provide them with a variety of real-world opportunities.

For graduates of AKAMAI Finance Academy, AKAMAI Capital serves as the next step toward a financial career and offers them the opportunity to apply their training and manage a $10 million portfolio.


AKAMAI Capital Director, Robert Howe, brings 30+ years of international asset management experience to provide workforce training for students interested in careers in finance.

Since 2012, more than 60 businesses have received technical assistance from AKAMAI Capital. Some of our previous clients include local business owners faced with immediate bankruptcy and those that required assistance obtaining new equity, debt investments, and new loans.